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3DCG, Art work, Audio Visual Performance, CG, Motion Graphics, Performance, Video Installation


In 2013, Syinichi Yamamoto was engaged in the project of "The Movements" which focused on visualization of big data.
"The Movements" was created for the spherical display "Geo-Cosmos" installed at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation as part of the permanent exhibition:-

In 2015, 2 years after the completion of "The Movements", he started the production of a 3D fulldome film entitled "The Man from the 9 Dimensions" which was released in 2016 and is been screened at the Dome Theater Gaia at the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation ever since. He was in charge of the visualization of scientific concepts about superstring theory in theoretical physics and was also in charge of thevisual direction of the film:-

Science and art have been getting closer in media art scene. Visualization of data and visualization of wave shapes has been actively pursued. As an extension of the above-mentioned 2 projects which focused on data visualization and visualization of scientific concepts, the project of "Noesis" represents philosophical concept visualization which visualizes the concept and thoughts of the origins of Nature, the Universe and all things from the perspective of art.

The whole duration of the work is 30mins with each track having its own theme such as: Each track with total length of 30-min has its own theme such as "view point reversal", "position invalidation", "elemental particle", "time", etc., but on track 04 "Emerging Design", the concept of "trajectory of moments" is featured as the main theme of the project as a whole which follows the trajectory of time.

Dimitris Kontopoulos, a science curator with whom Synichi has been collaborating since 2016 participated in making the concept of this project. Tetsuji Ohno (Intercity-Express) who has continued to collaborate with Synichi helped him to create the sound design of the 8 tracks.

For 3D visualization in high resolution, Seiichi Sega (superSymmetry) also participated in this project and provided not only drawings of computer generated images by physics calculations, but interactive performances using TouchDesigner.

- Premiere screening at MUTEK.JP:
Because the main venue of MUTEK.JP held in 2017 was the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, we decided to create a version of "Noesis" which would be highly optimized to the 3D fulldome system of the Museum’s Dome Theater Gaia, so that viewers can enjoy an audio visual performance of the project under the specifications of the 3D dome system to the fullest extent.

山本信一は2013年に科学データに基づいたデータビジュアライゼーション作品「軌跡~The Movements」を手掛けました。

そして、ビッグデータの可視化に取り組んだ「軌跡~The Movements」の2年後の2015年から制作を開始し、2016年に日本科学未来館のドームシアターガイアで公開された3Dフルドーム作品「9次元からきた男」に参加し、理論物理学の超ひも理論をテーマにした科学概念の可視化やビジュアルディレクションを担当しました。

メディアアートシーンではサイエンスとアートが近づき、データや音の波形などのビジュアライゼーションが積極的にされてきましたが、本作はデータビジュアライゼーションや科学の概念を可視化した先の2つの作品の延長上で、今度はアート的視点から自然や宇宙、万物の根源を考えた時の概念、思想を視覚化したフィロソフィ ビジュアライゼーション(philosophical concept visualization)作品(※)です。

トータル30分を構成する各トラックでは、それぞれ“視点の逆転”“位置の無効化”“素粒子”“時間”などをテーマにしながら、全体では、トラック04の「Emerging Design」でフューチャーしたコンセプトである”瞬間の堆積”が描き出す、時間が描く軌跡の形状をこの作品トータルの大きなメインテーマにしています。

2016年からサイエンスキュレーター・デミトリス コドプロス氏(Mr. Dimitris Kontopoulos)とコンセプトでコラボレーションしながら、サウンドデザインでは継続的にコラボレーションをしているIntercity-Express(大野哲二氏)と8つのトラックで構成しました。

※フィロソフィ ビジュアライゼーション・・・この場合の「フィロソフィ」は、万物の根源のあり方や原理を追究して得られた知識や経験、人生観を指す。


Art work, CG, Digital Signage, Event, Installation, Motion Graphics, Original, Short Movie, SHORTFILM, Signage, Video Installation

Voice of Vision

Since 2013, we have participated in a public art project called “Shinjuku Creators Festa”. Voice of Vision took part in this festival in 2018.

Using traditional electronic music as its motif, Voice of Vision suddenly starts a countdown toward something undescribed. With a techno-pop taste, this countdown graphic appears in the city of Shinjuku out of nowhere.

This graphic is an experimental collaboration between graphic creator Seiya Nakano and musician duo Satoshi & Makoto.

Seiya Nakano is one of the most profound technical director in Japan with an abundant experience from projection mapping to large-sized graphic installation. The members of the duo Satoshi & Makoto met at Kraftwerk’s Japan tour. They released their music from a Dutch music label called Safe Trip and has gained reputation since then.

Their music is very unique. For Voice of Vision, Satoshi & Makoto used vintage synthesizer from the ‘80s and ‘90s and created this music by intricately simulating each sound.
The equipment we used for both graphic and sound are all vintage and utilized various techniques. Therefore, we isolated ourselves from the up-to-date mainstream machines.
It is said that the origin of techno-pop is the ‘80s classic old school. This music is an homage to the origin and we made an attempt to collaborate with the artists who can feel empathy with this idea.



今回は映像を中野誠也(Seiya Nakano)氏、音楽をSatoshi & Makotoというアーティストと実験的にコラボレーションしました。

中野誠也氏はプロジェクションマッピングや大型映像インスタレーションで、日本の数多くの有名なプロジェクトを手掛けてきたテクニカルディレクターで、音楽のSatoshi & Makotoは、Kraftwerkの来日ライブで出会ったアーティストで、オランダ safe trip レーベルからリリースした作品が話題を呼んでいます。

音楽はオリジナルで、Satoshi & Makotoが今回のために80〜90年代のビンテージシンセサイザーや、緻密にシミュレートした音源を駆使して制作しました。

3DCG, Audio Visual Performance, Event, Live Action, Motion Graphics, Music Video, MV, Performance


DOLLHOUSE is a piece of work we did with a rock band called Radical Hardcore Clique. We directed a VJ-ing work which uses 2 layers of screen. These layers are made of high-luminous clear display and we mounted them on “MNGL”, a new-generation DJ booth. In the actual performance, we had the musicians stand right in the middle of the 2 screens.

Based on graphics created by Synichi Yamamoto, DOLLHOUSE created a world of crazy and psychedelic club scene using interactive technologies. For instance, we delay-mapped real-time 3D motion graphic and also created a physical simulation graphic which is based on mathematical super formula.

DOLLHOUSE was performed in [BRDG], a collaboration event of music and graphics, and at [ADIRECTOR vol.1-DOLLHOUSE], an event which enunciates ENTER-TECH (entertainment + technology). [ADIRECTOR] took place from August 4th to August 27th 2018. They rented a whole 4 story building facing the crosswalk of Harajuku. The main organizer of the event was a masked unit from Avex Music called [2nd Function].

高輝度透明ディスプレイを配置した次世代DJブース「MNGL」を使用し、アーティストRadical Hardcore Cliqueを中心に前後に設置された2レイヤーの映像をVJ演出しました。

山本信一のGraphicsをベースにDelay Mappingさせたリアルタイムの3Dモーショングラフィックや、super formulaの数式をモデルに物理シミュレーションさせた映像などを使用し、クラブシーンでのクレイジーでサイケデリックな世界観をインタラクティブに表現しました。

映像と音楽の交配イベント「BRDG」と、ENTER-TECH (エンタテインメント + テクノロジー)をかかげるエイベックス内の組織「2nd Function」を中心に2018/8/4-8/27の期間中、表参道交差点に面する4階建てのビルを丸ごと貸切った「ADIRECTOR vol.1- DOLLHOUSE」の会場で行われました。

3DCG, Art work, CG, Digital Signage, Event, Installation, Motion Graphics, Original, Short Film, Short Movie, SHORTFILM, Signage, Video Installation


Inspired by an artist SUNNOVA’s same-titled music, JUDGE was created for a special exhibition within an event called “Shinjuku Creators Festa”. The theme for this exhibition was “Visualize Shinjuku”.

We created the visual image based on the concept of the music: “Do Not Label Us”.

In our work, you will see the real-life and the vulgar element of Shinjuku which transform everyday. Yet at the same time, you will also see jungle of skyscrapers which gives an artificial impression. Then a question arises: Does the city that we actually see and the people right in front of us really exist?

The world of JUDGE expresses the complicated world view of truth and lies by creating a collage of Shinjuku which we actually shot as well as non-graphic elements which do not exist.

「新宿クリエイターズ・フェスタ」の企画展示「Shinjuku City Visualize」において、“新宿の視覚化(=ビジュアライズ)”というテーマでSUNNOVA氏の同名楽曲からインスパイアされた映像を制作。

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